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About Charles Village, Baltimore City
Charles Village is a neighborhood located in the north-central area of Baltimore, Maryland, USA. It is a middle-class area with many single-family homes that is in proximity to many of Baltimore's urban amenities. The neighborhood began in 1869 when 50 acres of land were purchased for development. The land was divided and turned over to various builders who constructed home exteriors, leaving the interiors to be custom built according to buyer specifications. 

The area was first developed as a streetcar suburb in the early 20th century, and is thought to be the first community to employ tract housing tactics.  At the time, the area was known as Peabody Heights; the moniker Charles Village, derived from Charles Street, the area's major north-south corridor, was coined in the 1970s as the beginning of a process of conceptually grouping a large and somewhat heterogeneous area. The neighborhood history has been researched and published by Gregory J. Alexander and Paul K. Williams in their book Charles Village: A Brief History (The History Press, 2009).

Charles Village in a strict sense consists of the area immediately to the east and south of the Johns Hopkins University Homewood campus. 

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History of Charles Village, Baltimore City
Plans for Peabody Heights, the first name given to the area now known as Charles Village, had been drawn up shortly after the Civil War. The main objective of the Peabody Heights development was to profitably anticipate the growth of the City in the northern direction. By 1911, Peabody Heights and the surrounding areas were developing rapidly. 

As the former rural atmosphere disappeared, land values climbed, especially along the Olmsted-designed Charles Street boulevard. During the 1960s, a renaissance began in the community as new homebuyers were attracted to the area's architectural variety and quality. In addition to the functional beauty of its large buildings, the neighborhood offered a convenient location near good public transportation and prominent institutions. A new name, Charles Village, was coined by local resident Grace Darin in 1967. 

Charles Village is now part of the Charles Village Community Benefits District, a special assessment district which also includes the neighborhoods of Abell, Harwood and Charles North, and provides extra service and support to neighborhood residents and businesses.

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